Prettyie Feature with The Sole Womens: Why Are People So Snobby About Custom Sneakers?

Sneakerhead's all over the world are starting to customise shoes in various ways that do not just involve painting a sneaker. The Sole Womens recently reached out to us to invite us to discuss our views on customisation and certain issues that revolve around this! This included the impact social media has, the idea of reworking items, frustrations with it and how customs are perceived.

We believe that on social media, the people that do stand out are the people who are themselves – they don’t try and fit in. People don’t want to fit in with the norms of society, and the really successful influencers are the ones that have their unique style and embrace the fact that they’re not like everyone else.

In a male dominated industry, if we wanted to get custom shoes, we wouldn’t have known where to go as there was no-one really catering for the female audience. Although the designs were pretty gender neutral the marketing seemed male-targeted – they used male influencers to sell the product, so that’s where we came in and were different to everyone else.

When @sallysneakers created her pair, I think most people expected them to be pink. But for the majority of influencers that we work with, most of them don’t want a pink shoe. Brands bring out pink pairs thinking girls are going to love them, but really everyone just wants the same shoe on a full-size run.

The Sole Womens gathered views from multiple other customisers within the sneaker industry, and got a real insight into their opinions of the Customisation world!

To read the full article, click the link here.

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