Sally Sneakers X Prettyie

Sally Sneakers 

Introduction to Sally Sneakers

Sally Javadi recognisably known as @sallysneakers on Instagram is a Persian- Danish influencer with an ever-expanding collection of colourful sneakers. She has a dedicated following of 282K on Instagram. Sally regularly posts her impressive collection of shoes, including the latest drops from well-known brands such as Nike, pictured against a white background paired with trendy outfits.  Sally takes her photos strategically to avoid showing her face, as she opts to keep her identity private. 

The first collaboration between Prettyie and Sally Sneakers began after we reached out to Sally Sneakers via Instagram. From then onwards we forged a close relationship, through similar interests, creative ideas and eccentric personalities. Our first collaboration with Sally was our blue Sally Sneakers Air Force 1 as pictured below. Sally gave us her design ideas and we brought the sneakers to life! We then gifted her our custom sneakers and she created content for Instagram. Since then, we have done giveaways with her and recently dropped our latest collaboration which features the sneakers in both mint green and forest green colourways. 

Our new sneakers are called ‘Minty Fresh’ and ‘Forest Green.’ They were created using very small Nike swoosh stencils and Alphaflex paints. We asked Sally Sneakers how she came up with the design concept, she replied: 

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