MINTY FRESH 'Sallyssneakers x Prettyie' Nike Air Force 1

£199.99 GBP

The one you've all been waiting for... our revamped Sallyssneakers x Prettyie mini swoosh Air Force 1's. We've teamed up with everyones favourite influencer Sallyssneakers┬áto create this trendy and unique custom for you guys! These are going to be a summer essential and they're not to be missed­čĄ». There is only an extremely limited quantity available so grab them while you can! There is nothing like this pair out there which is why we have specifically teamed up to bring Sallys idea to life and make sure you guys have the opportunity to get your hands on them too. GET YOURS NOW ­čöą.┬á

Around 30-45 day turnaround from purchase - these are made to PERFECTION so rest assured that while you wait patiently at home for your new kicks to turn up we are making you a KILLER pair of customs. 

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